Dr. David Dec


Our Services

General Services

These are some of the services we offer which are covered by the provincial insurance plan:
– Complete Physicals
– Periodic Health Exams
– General Medical Check Ups
– Intermediate & Minor Assessments
– Ministry Funded Immunizations
– Pap Smears
– Ear Syringes
– Allergy & B12 Injections (injections-not the actual medications)
– Joint Injections
– Removal of moles that are suspicious for cancer

Uninsured Services

These are services offered at our office that are not covered by the provincial insurance plan. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the patient, although some may be fully or partially refundable by certain private or group Insurance providers, or may be claimed on your federal income tax as a deduction

After Hours Clinic​

The Portage Medical Group provides After Hours Services as per the recommendations of the MOH. If you have an urgent problem after hours, you can call your doctor’s office and will be directed to call THAS 1-866-553-7205. A nurse will listen to your problem and could direct you to the After Hours Clinic, if one is running on that day.
Although we strive to keep the schedule up to date, there may be last minute changes. Please contact the after hours service for updated clinic info.

Portage Family Medical Health Team

The Portage Medical Family Health Organization has been given resources to create the Portage Medical Family Health Team which offers different valuable services such as:
– Diabetic Care
– Nutritional Counselling / Dietician
– Memory Clinic
– Social Work, Psychotherapy & Counselling
– COPD/Asthma Respiratory Clinic
– Foot Care Assessment
– Well woman exams by a Nurse Practitioner
– Chronic Pain Clinic
– Smoke Cessation 
– Pharmacist consultation
– Medication review