Dr. David Dec


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Because our practice is busy, the phone lines tend to ring off the hook. Many of the calls are for renewing prescriptions. Dr. Dec tends to renew drugs for a limited period, and then likes to reassess your situation, to see if you need a change. Sometimes he will renew for an additional month, if you have trouble getting in.

It makes it much easier if you bring all of your medications to your appointments so he can review them, and renew them if needed. It is unacceptable for you to call for a renewal of your medication a day or two after your appointment. This just makes more work for us.

If you are calling for renewals, please look at all of your medications to see which ones need renewal or ask your pharmacist if you are not sure.

We also want to co-ordinate renewing all of your medications at one time, so you would just need to make 1 trip to the pharmacy every few months. We will keep you updated on this process. PLEASE ALLOW 48 HR FOR ALL MEDICATION RENEWALS

Reminder: If you are calling for renewals, please
look at all of your medications to see which ones need renewal or
ask your pharmacist if you are not sure.

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Many of you need referrals to specialists for various problems. It is important for Dr. Dec to see you for problems before he refers you to a specialist, in order to direct you to the proper person. Once the decision is made to refer, we try to get these done quickly, but at times, the issue is at the other end, and we are waiting for the specialist’s office to return our calls. As soon as we know, we’ll contact you. Please be patient!


Our form completion policy is for patients to pay for forms up front, pick them up from this office and mail the forms themselves. Please allow the minimum of 2 weeks for completion. Additional charges may apply for urgent requests. Fees for 3rd party forms can be found in Patient Services under Uninsured Services.

Uninsured Form Fees

Disability Tax Credit


For more information on available patient services, please click one of the following links.

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Dr. Dec and his call group of Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Bassil, Dr. Leung, Dr. MacTavish & Dr. Rosa are now using the Telephone Health Advisory (THAS) for after hours and weekend emergencies. If you call after 5pm on a weekday or anytime on a weekend, a nurse will listen to your problem and advise you accordingly, giving advice, directing you to emergency department or putting you in contact with the doctor on call.


If you run into a dire emergency & urgently need a doctor to look after you please go to the Emergency Department. The clinics, although sometimes convenient, can’t replace the accurate information we now have on you in the computer, the knowledge of your past history, allergies, medications and continuity of care we provide. Despite what they tell you, walk in clinics do not routinely send us information related to your visit. This is why we have developed our own After Hours Clinic policy (see under Patient Section)

You can log onto the NHS Website to track E.R. wait times in the region. http://www.niagarahealth.on.ca

Or alternatively you can access the Douglas Memorial Urgent Care in Fort Erie for quicker service.

Track E.R. wait times within the region.


Occasionally there will be a medical student or resident spending time with Dr. Dec in the office. Some are here for only a week, however the residents may be here periodically over a two year period.

We appreciate those of you who allow our students to learn from you!